Free baby blanket crochet pattern

spot and stripe crochet baby blanket

Free baby blanket crochet pattern – even if you don’t have a baby it is a great starter pattern! Here is a fabulous free baby blanket crochet pattern that is perfect for beginners (start with the plain squares), so if you think you might fancy a new hobby for 2016 here is a place to {Read More…}

Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern

Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern

Crochet Christmas Stocking pattern for really little presents! These super cute Christmas stockings are a crochet pattern from the new Ruby & Custard book (did I mention the book? It’s available to pre-order on Amazon you know? Out on 21st January but available to order right now…) They are little stockings and perfect for filling {Read More…}

Crochet Christmas Pudding Pattern


Crochet Christmas Pudding Pattern by Ruby & Custard! Oh I am a tease! This gorgeous crochet Christmas pudding pattern is available on 21 January in the new Ruby & Custard Crochet book (available to pre-order on Amazon). Shameless plug or what? There is a whole section in the book for Christmas patterns! Christmas puddings, mini {Read More…}

Ruby and Custard Crochet book is on Amazon!

Crochet book

Yes, it is true!  The Ruby and Custard crochet book is on Amazon for pre-orders! It is available from 21st January but you can order now at a discounted rate of £8.24 (reduced from £10.99) for delivery in January! This is so unbelievably exciting! It is actually there!!! Description This is the first book from gorgeous British {Read More…}

Crochet design

crochet design mood board

Crochet design is something I am frequently asked about – where do my ideas come from? How do I get started? How long does it take? And the answer is usually the rather unscientific “it depends!” In the last year I have created approximately 50 unique crochet designs – about 32 were created for the {Read More…}

Crochet the new mindfulness?

crochet new mindfulness

Crochet the new mindfulness! It’s Fact! Forget your colouring books for grown-ups as regularly featuring in the Amazon and Sunday Times bestsellers list (although I note that one of the best rated is by another Millie so it must be good!), crochet has the best de-stressing properties ever!  Yes, crochet the new mindfulness is here {Read More…}

Ruby and Custard Crochet Book Update

Ruby and Custard crochet book update hats

Ruby and Custard Crochet Book Update – celebrating amazing progress and the little stars of the book! It has been some months since I announced the exciting news that there will be a Ruby & Custard crochet book of patterns featuring all original designs, being published by Ebury Press, in the Autumn of this year. And it {Read More…}

Spring and Easter Crochet

Spring and Easter Crochet hats

Spring is in the air!  The daffodils are starting to show their glorious yellow display and I have spotted lots of snowdrops – it’s coming! Spring will soon be here properly! I’ve just completed an order of two very inspired by Spring and Easter crochet hats – a crochet baby bird hat and a crochet bunny {Read More…}

Ruby and Custard Crochet Book Photography

Ruby and Custard crochet book photography

Crochet book photography is complete!  It has been a hectic time here at Ruby & Custard HQ as the crochet book photography has been happening in my house!  4 days and more than 2000 photographs – I’m shattered and the house is a bit of a tip! The photography was done by the very talented {Read More…}

Crochet Love Sent!

crochet love

Crochet love sent…! Yes, after months of work I pressed ‘send’ on the files for the crochet book late on Sunday evening – I gave myself a small pat on the back, had a little smug grin to myself (the deadline was actually Monday, but I sent the files late on Sunday so technically I {Read More…}


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