Newborn twin owl hats

Newborn twin owl hats

Newborn twin owl hats – all together aww! Twins? Gosh that makes me go all a bit gooey and then full of wonder and admiration.  Baby Custard and his bigger sister are a handful. But twins? Wow! This little pair of hats is destined for a brand new brother and sister.  You can’t tell from {Read More…}

Baby Minion Hat Story

Baby minion hat

Baby Minion hat in action! I love to see photos of my creations in action – it is so lovely to see something I have made being used, worn and loved! This gorgeous little chap is modelling a baby minion hat! He is based in America and loves Minions as much as I do! Isn’t {Read More…}

Newborn Owl Hat

Newborn owl hat

A newborn owl hat for a surprise! When you are pregnant one of the big decisions is whether or not to find out if you are having a boy or a girl – it’s a completely personal choice.  I decided to find out – I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to ‘know’. But, {Read More…}

Handmade Bunny Rabbit Hat

bunny rabbit hat

Here is a little bunny rabbit hat for a very special little girl. This is my version of a bunny rabbit hat which I have just finished for my niece.  There are lots of bunny rabbit hats out there but I wanted to do something that was pretty and practical.  And here it is! It’s {Read More…}

Navy and Grey Stripe Elf Hat

handmade stripe elf hat

Elf hats are incredibly popular at Christmas but here is proof that they are perfect for the whole year round! I was recently contacted by someone who had bought two red and white striped elf hats for her boys at Christmas and she loved them so much that she wanted to know if I could {Read More…}

Pink and Turquoise Owl Hat

pink and turquoise owl hat

  A pink and turquoise owl hat is guaranteed to brighten even the dullest Winter day! I adore this colour combination – hot pink and fabulous turquoise!  For the little person who doesn’t want to blend in with the crowd! These lovely soft owl hats are made using 100% cotton, super cuddly yarn, with a {Read More…}

Multiple Minion hats

handmade minion hats

Minion hats…I’m getting good at them…or not as the case may be!!! I received an order of a Minion hat from America last week – it’s so lovely to think that people around the world are looking at this blog! Anyway, I sat down and started to create a lovely new goggle-wearing little alien and {Read More…}

Fairy Princess Crown

fairy princess crown tiara pink

Fairy princess crown created – she shall go to the ball! Last week the bigger of the two Custard babies came home with a letter from nursery explaining that this week they will be hosting Cinderalla’s ball and that everyone should come dressed as a character from a fairy tale.  Hurrah! I have knight’s helmets, {Read More…}

Crochet Frog prince or princess hat

crochet frog prince hat

My trips down memory lane are continuing and these photos of a frog prince or princess hat have brought so many happy memories back to me. This is the first baby Custard when she was only about 7 months old modelling the crochet frog prince or princess hat.  I made this little hat for her {Read More…}

Crochet Spaceman Helmet Hat

handmade child crochet spaceman helmet hat

Now I have a little bit more time (baby Custard is going to bed at 7pm!!! I am soooo proud of him for this) I’ve had a bit more time to think back about some of the commissions I have been lucky enough to do and the spaceman helmet hat was a definite favorite. The {Read More…}


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