Crochet pineapple cushion pattern – it’s a crush!

crochet pineapple pattern

Crochet pineapple cushion pattern – for all the pineapple addicts like me! Pineapples seem to be everywhere! They are on clothes, duvet covers, cups, bags, prints, lights…anywhere you can stick a pineapple it seems there is one!  I spotted these fabulous fruity shoes in Paris recently so it’s not just the UK who is obsessed {Read More…}

Free crochet valentine pattern

free crochet valentine pattern cushion

Free crochet valentine pattern, because making something for someone is the best way to show them you love them! I am a big believer in showing someone that you care through the joy of a handmade gift; not only does the recipient receive a beautiful gift; they know that you cared enough to spend time {Read More…}

Free Royal Crochet Pattern

free royal crochet pattern guardsman

Free Royal crochet pattern because London seems to be gearing up for a big old celebration! Now you can create your very own Buckingham Palace guards man (or if you want to get technical a soldier from the Grenadier, Welsh, Irish, Scots and Coldstream Guards) with my free crochet pattern.  This little chap has a {Read More…}

Crochet flower decoration for Easter

crochet flower decoration for Easter

Crochet flower decoration for an Easter table and lovely handmade gifts for the guests! I hope you all had a lovely Easter? I was lucky enough to be invited to a big gathering of friends for a wonderful Easter Sunday lunch. It was a really fun affair and everyone had taken responsibility for a course {Read More…}

Crochet daffodil heart

free crochet daffodil heart pattern

Crochet daffodil heart to welcome in the Spring! There might have been snow on the ground but my mind was firmly on the joys that Spring will bring this weekend…when it finally gets here!  December here in some parts of the UK was warm enough to trick some flowers into bloom (there was cherry blossom on a tree {Read More…}

Crochet Dinosaur Love

crochet dinosaur

  Crochet dinosaur! Yep! As Baby Custard heads towards being 2 years old he is definitely not a baby anymore but a little boy with a love of dinosaurs! He has progressed from baby sleeping bag to a proper grown up big boy duvet – Marks and Spencer dinosaur print of course! It’s lovely bedding with {Read More…}

Handmade flower name bunting

handmade flower name bunting crochet

Handmade flower name bunting crocheted for a little girl called Georgina! I’ve been doing quite a lot of beautiful handmade crochet bunting recently and this project was a joy to do!  I was asked to match a previous design that I did a while back for another little girl, Joni, and I happily agreed as the {Read More…}

Free Crochet Daffodil Pattern

Free Easy Crochet Daffodil pattern

Free crochet daffodil pattern to get everyone ready to welcome Spring! With less than 5 days until Spring starts on Friday 20 March I can see signs everywhere that life is returning, there are buds on most of the trees and the daffodils have started to appear.  I adore daffodils – I like the big {Read More…}

Free Crochet Star Pattern perfect for Christmas

free star crochet pattern

Free crochet star pattern – perfect for Christmas! Why not add some beautiful homemade crochet style to your Christmas with the Ruby & Custard free crochet star pattern?   This pattern can be made into all sorts of things – hanging decorations, garlands, bunting, used on wrapped items…I am sure there are lots of uses {Read More…}

Ruby & Custard in Ideal Home – how do you get featured in a home magazine?

Ruby and Custard Ideal Home feature

Ruby and Custard Ideal Home feature – what have I been up to now? The eagle eyed and fans of UK interiors magazine, Ideal Home, may have spotted Ruby & Custard in the latest (December 2014) issue. There are some photos of my house (looking the tidiest it has ever been!), junior and baby Custard {Read More…}


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