Ruby & Custard Crochet book!

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Marching into 2015 with a Ruby & Custard crochet book!

Yes, it’s true, the reason I have been quiet of late is that I have been writing a Ruby & Custard crochet book! The book will contain approximately 35 original crochet patterns covering everything from hats to homewares to baby gifts, accessories and even Christmas decorations!

The book isn’t being published until Autumn 2015 so there is a while to go yet and I promise to try not to bore you with details all the time but, it is fair to say I am pretty excited!

A crochet book? Ooh!

I love books – particularly crochet and craft ones and I have a lot of them!  I love being inspired by the beautiful designs, ideas and photography and that’s what I want to bring to my book.  I have a small number of really excellent books that I would never part with, some that I think are ok and others that have already been passed on to the local charity shops. So with all this crochet book related experience I hope I know what a good book looks like and what a rubbish one looks like!

I hope to produce a book that combines exciting patterns and ideas with stunning imagery to inspire people; one that people will keep on their book shelves for a long time!

The book is aimed at all crocheters – people just starting out and confident crocheters looking for new ideas.  There will be a ‘how to’ guide for beginners and lots of helpful illustrations and guides.

What makes a good crochet book?

I had so many ideas for patterns that a really tough part was deciding which ones to go for. When I buy a crochet book I look for a mix of projects – size, difficulty, things for me and things to make as gifts. And that’s what I am aiming for in my book.

There will be a whole range of patterns but one thing I am keeping at the front of my mind is the cost it would be to make one of my patterns – I hate it when you see something beautiful and then realise that the suggested yarn is really expensive.  I’ve tried to use widely available good quality, but reasonably priced yarn and I’ve also focussed on using the same yarn for several different patterns – that way if you have to buy something special but won’t use the whole lot on one project you can make a number of things from it which (to me) justifies buying new yarn!  Hopefully people agree?

So, I am writing the book based on my experiences of what makes a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ crochet book and while the book is still in progress there is time for me to learn from others – what things do you like to see or of course hate to see in craft and crochet books?

Share your thoughts and help me make this the best crochet book ever!

Millie xxx


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    Sanderella's says:

    Congrats!! TA Dah!!! How exciting is this. I look forward to seeing it I guess…everywhere!! Hugs, Sandy


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