Crochet duck blanket progress

crochet duck blanket patternCrochet duck blanket – a labour of love, or not really in this case…!

I have had this crochet duck blanket on the go since last August; yes, this crochet project as been ongoing for 10 months and it still isn’t that close to completion.

It all started so well. I played around with the duck intarsia design until I found a shape that looked like a duck – you can see here two earlier attempts until I got the duck shape I wanted.  I don’t always keep the iterations of the design when it doesn’t go quite as I planned but with something like intarsia it is useful to see the difference in shapes.

crochet duck blanket design progress

I was all excited about it – the ducks looked like little rubber ducks, just the way I wanted!

crochet duck blanket square

I think I managed to make about 8 duck blocks before I started to fall out of love, and by block 10 I really couldn’t get the mojo going with it.  I picked it up and put it down for a bit, and finally I just ran out of steam.

I picked it up again a couple of months ago and pieced some blocks together but it just looked too dense and busy with a duck on every square.  So, I put it down again and left it alone until I revisited it a couple of weeks ago to try to figure out why I didn’t like it.  I tried adding a simple square border to each block and added in plain white blocks in between each duck block and suddenly I felt quite a bit happier.

crochet duck blanket details


It is quite a big baby blanket at 42 blocks but I am committed to finishing it!

Next job is to weave the loose ends in an work on a design for the border. Who knows, it might even be finished by August – only a year to complete!   Ah well, it’s clearly a marathon not a sprint!

Millie x

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