Crochet Guardsman

Crochet guardsman egg cosy pattern

Crochet guardsman – Ruby & Custard so on trend yet again!

With the Spring (well, apart from today’s snow) sort of here, and the royal celebrations for the Queen’s birthday having properly kicked off in the UK it seems everyone has gone a bit crazy for all things regal and patriotic!

Cath Kidston, the brilliant British brand, have a gorgeous range of Queen’s birthday inspired items including the lovely guardsman money box in the banner above, and the fabulous guardsman print behind it! As ever we are completely on trend here at Ruby & Custard towers and if you want to get in on the act you can of course make a wonderful crochet guardsman egg cosy with the pattern in the Ruby & Custard Crochet book (Just £4.99 on Amazon – a bargain!!)

Crochet Guardsman

The Ruby & Custard pattern for a crochet guardsman is a super simple but very effective egg cosy of a little red jacketed guardsman, with lovely gold buttons and a proper crochet bearskin hat! Perfect for any royal breakfast table!

In spite of searching I haven’t come across any crochet guardsman patterns out there (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong!); my inspiration actually for the crochet guardsman egg cosy came from Cath Kidston who made a wonderful little tank top which Prince George wore for a photo shoot, causing it to promptly sell out!

Crochet guardsman tank top

The Cath Kidston tank top is lovely and there is an ‘inspired by’ knitting pattern available if you fancy a needle-based project but, nothing much crochet related…maybe that is an idea for book number 2! 🙂

In the meantime, if you want to get involved with some guardsman inspired items and you don’t want to pick up a hook or needles there are some lovely pre-made items like this gorgeous children’s hat!

crochet guardsman inspiration

So, if you are inspired to get a bit hooky you have a pattern, if knitting is more up your street you have a pattern and if you just want to buy something lovely there is also a solution!  Perfect!

Millie xxx

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