Crochet Love Sent!

crochet loveCrochet love sent…!

Yes, after months of work I pressed ‘send’ on the files for the crochet book late on Sunday evening – I gave myself a small pat on the back, had a little smug grin to myself (the deadline was actually Monday, but I sent the files late on Sunday so technically I delivered early…just!) and then I had a glass of some delicious fizzy, sparkly, cold stuff that had kindly been provided by a lovely friend to enable me to celebrate.

And then I wondered what to do next.

Umm…..I feel a little bereft. I still have a couple of extra items to make for the forthcoming photo-shoot but I have to admit that I do feel a bit sad.  The files have gone off to be proofread by the very talented Claire from Crotchety Things for 2 weeks so there will inevitably be amends but in the meantime I feel a little bit lost.  Perhaps I should start thinking about book number 2! :)

Blanket Crochet Love

Last week was hectic. On Thursday I started crocheting at 7.30am and didn’t stop until  about 11.30pm in a bid to finish a blanket.  I had written a pattern for another blanket but with a week to go I decided that it just wasn’t up to scratch, so I sat down, pulled myself together and started over.  And the replacement one was sooooo much better! It is all the things I love – bold, bright and colourful. Perfect for the cold Winter weather we have in the UK right now.

crochet love blanket

Cosy Competition

Thank you for all the entries to the egg cosy competition!  The winner was Nathalie Northmore. Nathalie I hope you enjoy your cosies on the Valentine’s Day breakfast table!

If you would like to make your own egg cosy don’t forget the crochet pattern is available for free. Go crazy!

Millie xxx

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