Crochet monkey toy time!

crochet monkey toy pattern

Crochet monkey toy time! What’s not to love about a crochet monkey toy?  These little chaps (or possibly gender neutral and a girl?) are currently sitting on my desk smiling at me while I work.  I just love their cheeky little faces!

These are the 3 crochet monkey toys that were made for the Ruby & Custard book; I made 3 while I was testing the pattern – the first one was the blue and white striped, then came pink and white and for the final check of the pattern I went a bit bonkers with rainbow stripes!  Got to love a bit of rainbow stripe colour action!

crochet monkey toy

Here he is being a stunt crochet monkey toy in an action shot in the book!

crochet monkey toy

and again, only this time he is being tested to see how tasty he really is!

crochet monkey

Now he spends his days in quiet retirement in my craft studio just hanging out…well he did have a full on modelling career back in the day! 🙂

Crochet Monkey toy extra

crochet monkey baby comforter

Of course they aren’t the only crochet monkey toy to get in on the act.  This pair of crochet monkey comforters have fab little wavy arms and big smiles on their faces!  Because these are designed for babies they don’t have button eyes as it would be dangerous to give something with a small item attached like a button to a very young baby – it’s a subtle change but worth it.

The pink one has a special sealed rattle disc in her head – it’s optional and doesn’t change the pattern but like the buttons it is always really important to make sure you use a specialist toy insert which is designed to be safe 🙂

Hope you are having a lovely Monday monkeying around!


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