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personalised crown crochet

Personalised crowns have been a constant favorite Ruby & Custard creation for a while now.  They are popular all year round and make great dressing up accessories, fabulous photography props and now they are teacher’s essentials!

I was asked of I would do a grown up crown personalised with ‘Mr G’ on it and after the success of the crown hat I thought it was definitely something I could do.

It’s a slightly larger ‘pointy’ crown made big enough to go around a man’s head (fixed with Velcro to allow for adjusting to the perfect regal fit obviously) with a large central medallion which is decorated with hand cut felt letters and embroidery. Ta dah!  A crochet personalised crown!

personalised crown for teacher

So who is Mr G and why does he deserve a personalised crown? He is in fact the teacher for a class of year 1s (5/6 year olds) and when he is working with a group of children and doesn’t want to be disturbed he had been putting on a paper hat so the children know not to go to him but to his assistant instead. As a Christmas present they bought him a ‘proper crown’ as he is the king of the classroom!!

Sadly Mr G is camera shy but apparently he is happily wearing his crown and being truly recognized as king of the classroom! But instead and really just because it is such a beautiful photo, here is the crown hat in action! Edward you are looking so regal!

personalised crown hat
Children’s crowns are currently available in 2 designs – pointy and round and are available in small (0-1 years), medium (1-3 years), large (4+ years) and grown up.  Prices start at £12. Email for more information and ordering.babies wearing crochet crowns


Millie x

P.s check out more commissions and handmade hats from Ruby & Custard on Pinterest


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    Ann scott says:

    So very talented!! I love them all 🙂

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    I sent an email in regards to purchasing the pattern if possible….I just love them thanks


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