Free baby blanket crochet pattern

spot and stripe crochet baby blanketFree baby blanket crochet pattern – even if you don’t have a baby it is a great starter pattern!

Here is a fabulous free baby blanket crochet pattern that is perfect for beginners (start with the plain squares), so if you think you might fancy a new hobby for 2016 here is a place to start!

free spot and stripe crochet baby blanket

It was a pattern that I originally wrote for the book bit it didn’t make it (the book, sorry, had to get that in quietly) becuase I had already written a baby blanket pattern (the bunny rabbit blanket, more to come soon) and a blanket in the home section (the hexagon flower blanket, again more soon). So, I thought I should include some other patterns, and this little darling of a pattern got left out.

It’s super simple and great for a beginner as it starts with a plain square but also becomes more challenging as it moves to stripes and then becomes a bit more testing with spots!

free spot and stripe crochet baby blanketAnyway, I hope you enjoy it and my new year’s resolution is to encourage more people to experience the joy of crochet – and let’s face it I’m getting in early on this!

Happy new year in advance!

Millie xxx


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    JANA DEJONG says:

    I love the spot and stripe baby blanket ! Working on it now in blue and cream. But a diagram of the square’s layout, while referenced, is not actually included in the pattern. Was able to figure it out from the partial photograph.

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