Handmade Crochet Reindeer Hats

handmade crochet reindeer hat

Christmas is definitely coming; The first handmade crochet reindeer hat of the year has been purchased and dispatched, and very curiously I saw a woman carrying a real Christmas tree through London Bridge station yesterday afternoon!

reindeer hat

Ruby & Custard handmade crochet reindeer hats were so much fun last year that I am doing them again this year. They are made from soft, 100% cotton, with soft antlers, shiny button eyes and long ear tassels on the cosy ear flaps.

They received lots of press attention last year which was very exciting too!


It’s just lovely to have them back for a while – a bit like an old friend coming to visit!

Reindeer hats are £19 each and all orders placed direct have free delivery.


Reindeer hat sizes are slightly different from other hats.  Newborn – approximate circumference 40 cm*, 0-6 months – approximate circumference 44cm, 6-12 months – approximate circumference 46cm, 1-2 years – approximate circumference 47-48cm, 2-6 years – approximate circumference 50cm, 6+ years to grown up approximate circumference 54-56cm*. *newborn and 6+ years sizes will be available at the end of October but I can take advance orders now.

Please email millie@rubyandcustard.com for more information.


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