Ruby and Custard Crochet Book Update

Ruby and Custard crochet book update hatsRuby and Custard Crochet Book Update – celebrating amazing progress and the little stars of the book!

It has been some months since I announced the exciting news that there will be a Ruby & Custard crochet book of patterns featuring all original designs, being published by Ebury Press, in the Autumn of this year. And it is coming along amazingly well!  I recently read and sent back the full manuscript to the publishers. It was so exciting to see the actual layout and design of the book!

Ruby & Custard crochet book update crochet owl hat

The book is looking amazing!  There are crochet patterns for some Ruby & Custard classics such as the owl hat…

Ruby & Custard crochet book update bunny rabbit hat

and the bunny rabbit hat…

Ruby & Custard crochet book update fox mittens

as well as some new ones such as the ‘fox gloves’ (well they are mittens actually, but fox gloves works better as a play on words!)

But what is so exciting is that the photos show some absolute stars – my lovely daughter Felicity and the amazing Bellatrix and Artemus and of course not forgetting the adorable baby Jenson! Bellatrix has modelled for me a number of times before and is an absolute star! Her brother Artemus joined the crew this time and showed himself to be a consummate professional! Jenson’s brother Blake has featured in Ruby & Custard photos before so it is becoming a real family affair!

Ruby & Custard crochet book update pirate hat

Ruby and Custard Crochet Book Update

The photography is amazing, as i knew it would be. Rosie Barnett did a brilliant job as I expected!  The images are just beautiful! These are photos from my phone of print outs of the book’s first chapter, ‘Hats and Headwear’ and I hope to share more soon. I am just so excited that there will be an actual, real-life Ruby & Custard crochet pattern book!

I look forward to giving the next Ruby and Custard crochet book update shortly!

Millie xxx

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