Superhero Costume with Crochet Headband

Superhero costume

Superhero costume created!

My daughter has been invited to a superhero themed birthday party and having looked around and found girl superhero costumes rather limited (I didn’t want to dress a 2.5 year old as Wonder Woman…) I thought I had better get my creative hat on and make her one.

Superhero costume DIY

She announced that she wanted to be ‘Super Flicky’, fair enough. When I enquired what her super powers would be she informed me that it was ‘penguins’.  I’m not entirely sure what this means in practice…an army of penguins at her disposal?..or maybe she saves penguins….? Anyway, I turned to Pinterest and found some brilliant inspiration, in particular this amazing free pattern and tutorial for a super hero outfit.  It is a great pattern for a cape, cuffs and mask.

Superhero costume cape

I braved satin fabric to create a cape with a big silver flash and F on the back.  This was quite a big deal for me as I am not a great sewer and the thought of shiny, slippery fabric made me tremble a little but as it was only £2.99 per metre I figured I could afford to make some mistakes, but actually it was nowhere near as hard as I had anticipated.  The cape wouldn’t win me any prizes but it looks good from a distance!

Superhero costume DIY top

For the top I bought a cheap H&M one and used Bondaweb to attach a matching flash and letter.

DIY superhero costume crown

I thought a mask might be a bit much for her so I created a superhero crochet crown! It of course features the flash and letter F that are the signature look of Super Flicky!

All of these will be teamed with her turquoise tutu and some sparkly silver tights!

I can’t wait to see her in the full outfit at the party!

Millie x




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    Cute! I can picture her with turquoise tutu and sparkly tights 🙂 What a lucky little super-toddler 🙂

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