Crochet monkey toy time!

crochet monkey toy pattern

Crochet monkey toy time! What’s not to love about a crochet monkey toy?  These little chaps (or possibly gender neutral and a girl?) are currently sitting on my desk smiling at me while I work.  I just love their cheeky little faces! These are the 3 crochet monkey toys that were made for the Ruby {Read More…}

Crochet Crown Cushion

crochet crown cushion

Crochet Crown Cushion ta dah!  Yes, I have finally finished my crochet crown cushion, just in time for the Queen’s official birthday celebrations this weekend! It is a really simple cushion made of 9 half treble (UK terminology) squares, in ultra patriotic red, white and blue, slip stitched together and then each square has a {Read More…}

What crochet patterns are in the Ruby & Custard book?

what crochet pattern is in the book

What crochet patterns are in the Ruby & Custard Crochet book?  Now you can see all of the patterns from the book on a single page! Buying a book online, and let’s face it that is increasingly how people are shopping, can be a bit of pot luck – you can read reviews and look {Read More…}

Free crochet strawberry pattern

free crochet strawberry pattern

Free crochet strawberry pattern because it’s June and Summer must surely be on its way…?! Although it’s June and it is supposed to be Summer in the UK I actually had my heating on last week as it was so cold – anyway, I am an eternal optimist and with Wimbledon on the horizon and the {Read More…}

Milla Mia Crochet Yarn Love

Milla Mia Crochet Yarn Mist

Milla Mia crochet yarn – ooh, I do love it! This is my latest work in progress and I am using the utterly delicious Milla Mia crochet yarn in Aran weight and it is working up beautifully!  The blue is called Mist and it is a lovely soft bluebell colour! The cream is a Rowan {Read More…}

Free Royal Crochet Pattern

free royal crochet pattern guardsman

Free Royal crochet pattern because London seems to be gearing up for a big old celebration! Now you can create your very own Buckingham Palace guards man (or if you want to get technical a soldier from the Grenadier, Welsh, Irish, Scots and Coldstream Guards) with my free crochet pattern.  This little chap has a {Read More…}

Free crochet crown applique pattern

free crochet crown appliqué pattern details

Free crochet crown applique pattern – the second part of the mystery missing patterns! In my last post I talked about the new free crochet pattern now available here – a free crochet bunting pattern – and this is now the second instalment of the mystery missing patterns from the book – the free crochet crown {Read More…}

Crochet flower decoration for Easter

crochet flower decoration for Easter

Crochet flower decoration for an Easter table and lovely handmade gifts for the guests! I hope you all had a lovely Easter? I was lucky enough to be invited to a big gathering of friends for a wonderful Easter Sunday lunch. It was a really fun affair and everyone had taken responsibility for a course {Read More…}

Crochet ice-cream van inspiration

Crochet ice cream van crochet teddy

Crochet ice-cream van inspiration – where on earth does this stuff come from? I am frequently asked about the inspiration for my designs – where do I get the ideas and how do I design stuff and the honest answer is that the inspiration comes from lots of places but, this week I have been {Read More…}

Prima Makes feature

Prima Makes banner

Prima Makes have featured Ruby & Custard 4 times this month!  They have featured the beautiful crochet tiara pattern from the book (with a beautiful picture of Felicity and her friend modelling them!  It’s one of my favourite photos!  They had such a ball during the photoshoot! It’s a great pattern, really simple and quick to {Read More…}


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