Grey and black child monkey hats!

child monkey hat crochet

Child monkey hats come in all sorts of colors but here is a pair in grey, black and white for a pair of brothers. The brothers wanted something that was the same, but different and as one was 9 years old and the other only 3 months they didn’t want to look identical, just similar. {Read More…}

Handmade Christmas hat season is here!

Handmade christmas hat

Tomorrow brings us to just one month away from Christmas Eve and judging by the volume of orders it is definitely Christmas hat season! We have the beautiful extra long tail, handmade elf Christmas hats which are finished with a big pom pom.  Currently we have all sizes from very little to proper grown up  {Read More…}

Crochet Baby Bird Hat

Crochet baby bird hat

Baby bird hat finished!  Phew! I was asked if I could make a hat for a little girl whose nickname is ‘Birdie’ and at the time I had 2 weeks before my due date and I was so confident that I wasn’t going to get an early arrival that I jumped at the chance and {Read More…}

A Handmade Crochet Robot Hat!

Crochet robot hat

  Robot hat ready for action! Here is another commission I have recently finished for a robot mad little boy. It is made in 100% cotton yarn and after the fun I had with the 3D elements of the ‘yellow alien inspired by a  Minion hat’ I made a soft ball antennae at the top {Read More…}

A minion hat…or yellow alien hat…?

Minion hat

Minion hat…or a small yellow, goggle wearing alien hat? depends who is asking…’inspired by a minion hat’? I have just completed a commission for a little boy who particularly wanted a hat inspired by the little yellow aliens that feature in a certain film, that may be popular at the moment. It’s a surprise {Read More…}

Handmade crochet sock monkey hat

Crochet sock monkey hats

Sock monkey hats are so popular.  And quite rightly so! They look brilliant on everyone from very little babies and children, right through to grown ups! I have two main types of sock monkey hat that I sell from stock, meaning that usually the hat is ready to go into the post ASAP – pink {Read More…}

Handmade Christmas Hats – Special Offers!

Handmade Christmas hats offer

Christmas hats are a firm favorite in our house.  As a child we used to have a tradition of a Christmas hat competition – everyone had to make or source a Christmas hat to wear on Christmas morning and we loved it! Following feedback from last year, this year we have handmade crochet reindeer hats {Read More…}

Handmade Crochet Crown Hat

handmade crown hat

A handmade, personalized crochet crown hat! In the week that Prince George was christened I was working on a very regal hat design for a little boy with an equally royal name, Edward.  It’s a crown hat based on my popular crown designs  but turned into a proper hat! It has a faux ‘ermine’ trim {Read More…}

Introducing the Crochet Knight Helmet

Knight hemet hat

A knight’s helmet that keeps your head warm?  Oh yes! This is the very gorgeous Albie modelling the crochet knight’s helmet. Isn’t he lovely? I’ve been wanting to introduce a new hat for a while now and having played with pirate owls and monkeys  and variations on grey monkeys  I very happily settled on a {Read More…}

Crochet hat photoshoot fun

Handmade reinder crochet hat

We have just finished a photo shoot for a new crochet hat (full details coming soon) and to capture some new images of the elf crochet hat and the reindeer crochet hat for Christmas and I wanted to quickly share some of the images because I am so pleased with them! We visited Photoshoot Studio {Read More…}


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