Grey and black child monkey hats!

child monkey hat crochet

Child monkey hats come in all sorts of colors but here is a pair in grey, black and white for a pair of brothers. The brothers wanted something that was the same, but different and as one was 9 years old and the other only 3 months they didn’t want to look identical, just similar. {Read More…}

Pink and purple monkey hat and matching bag!

Monkey hat and matching bag? Of course! Here is a Ruby and Custard pink and purple stripe sock monkey hat with its very own matching bag – full on monkey style obviously! This order came from two ladies who wanted a special sock monkey hat in pink, lilac and purple stripes with a super-sized flower {Read More…}

Grey monkey hats for gorgeous little boys

Grey and navy monkey hat

Look at this pair of blue and grey monkey hats!  Cheeky or what? 🙂 I recently received an inquiry to ask if I would make a grey and blue sock monkey hat in the same style as the grey and red sock monkey hats – they wanted something just the same but with navy blue rather {Read More…}

Ahoy! Pirate hats for monkeys and owls!

pirate hat

Pirate hats are a lot of fun to make! I made a pirate owl hat  recently and it has sparked off a bit of a trend! I was asked to make a pair of pirate hats for two pirate-mad bothers and to make another pirate owl hat for an owl-loving little boy! The brothers wanted {Read More…}

Handmade pink monkey hat

Pink monkey hats

A pink monkey hat is a Ruby and Custard classic.  They were one of my first designs and I really enjoy making them but they have been on a bit of a holiday recently.  I have been so busy making other things that I haven’t had time to make any more. So, when I was {Read More…}

Crochet Monkey Hat

blue stripe monkey hat

Look at this photo of a Ruby & Custard crochet monkey hat! I have just received the most wonderful photo of a new Ruby & Custard model!  This is the absolutely gorgeous AJ! AJ is modelling a Ruby & Custard classic – the blue and white striped sock monkey hat! Made from soft 100% cotton {Read More…}

Crochet sock monkey bag

Crochet sock monkey bag

I’ve been having some crochet fun and making some very useful, little, smiling monkeys – bags! Each bag has sticky out ears, shiny button eyes and a plenty of space for all the precious things a little girl may need to carry around with her 🙂 So far I’ve done two colour ways in shades of pink {Read More…}

Crochet doll hats

pink owl crochet hat

I’m busy keeping tiny heads warm with crochet doll hats! My little girl has just reached the age where she is interested in dolls – every time she sees one she shouts “Dolly!” So, as a surprise I bought her a ‘My first Baby Annabell’ by Zapf and she was so excited! We’ve called her Poppy. {Read More…}

Inspired by Cath Kidston hat in crochet

Crochet sock monkey hat pink

An ode to the wonderful Cath Kidston a Cath Kidston hat! I have had a very longstanding love affair with Cath Kidston.  I love the vintage feel and the color palette used through their products –the gorgeous clashing colors alongside muted shades make my heart sing! I took a little time out from making Christmas {Read More…}


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