An Owl Party! DIY Owl party bags

Owl party party bags

Owl party bags! I’ve had a couple of days off hooking recently to prepare for a joint celebration in our home – our gorgeous little boy, aka baby Custard was 6 months old and he was baptised and as my family all live so far away we decided to combine the celebrations with our daughter’s {Read More…}

Pink and Turquoise Owl Hat

pink and turquoise owl hat

  A pink and turquoise owl hat is guaranteed to brighten even the dullest Winter day! I adore this colour combination – hot pink and fabulous turquoise!  For the little person who doesn’t want to blend in with the crowd! These lovely soft owl hats are made using 100% cotton, super cuddly yarn, with a {Read More…}

Baby Crochet Pirate Owl Hat

crochet pirate owl hat

Crochet pirate owl hats are a brilliant, fun twist on the classic owl hat – so much fun and a little bit different! It is a classic owl hat made with 100% high quality soft cotton yarn, lovely plaited tassels and ear flaps and a shiny button eye, but with added pirate flair in the {Read More…}

A crochet purple owl hat

purple owl hat

Purple owl hats are so lovely to make. Here is another purple stripe owl made for a lovely little girl. The hat is made using 100% cotton yarn in four different shade of purple (all the purples on the color spectrum from lilac to lavender and even aubergine!) and white. I love the color purple, {Read More…}

Ahoy! Pirate hats for monkeys and owls!

pirate hat

Pirate hats are a lot of fun to make! I made a pirate owl hat  recently and it has sparked off a bit of a trend! I was asked to make a pair of pirate hats for two pirate-mad bothers and to make another pirate owl hat for an owl-loving little boy! The brothers wanted {Read More…}

Crochet Owl Bunting

Crochet owl bunting

I do love owls and I was so excited to receive an order to create some crochet owl bunting for a little girl! This order was particularly special as it came from a lady that I made some bunting for last year for her little girl Esmé (isn’t that a lovely name?) that had been {Read More…}

Crochet pirate owl hat

pirate owl hat

I have been having lots of fun this week designing a pirate owl hat! It is an adaptation of my ‘regular’ owl hats, but this one has a special tied bandana and an eye patch!  It’s made of cotton yarn so it will keep a little head warm while being a true statement of style! {Read More…}

A Crochet Owl Hat Family

owl hats

A crochet owl hat looks good in any size! I can make adult versions of all of my hats including the crochet owl hats – I even made a grown up owl hat that went on holiday to Barbados!  I recently had an order for a crochet owl hat family – 2 ‘daughters’ and a {Read More…}

Pink crochet owl hats!

pink owl hat

This week has been pink! I finished the pink crochet owl hats I started making on holiday a few weeks ago. And, it was a good job that I had them almost finished as half of them were sold straight away! Pink crochet owl hats are always popular – they are made with soft 100% {Read More…}

Crochet Blue Owl Hats

Blue crochet owl hat

Blue owl hats are flying! It’s Summer here in the UK, although some days you wouldn’t know it! Last week the weather did perk up a bit and we had a few warm days which curiously coincided with a flurry of orders for hats, in particular blue owl hats! Owl hats are handmade of 100% {Read More…}


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