Baby Crochet Pirate Owl Hat

crochet pirate owl hat

Crochet pirate owl hats are a brilliant, fun twist on the classic owl hat – so much fun and a little bit different! It is a classic owl hat made with 100% high quality soft cotton yarn, lovely plaited tassels and ear flaps and a shiny button eye, but with added pirate flair in the {Read More…}

Ahoy! Pirate hats for monkeys and owls!

pirate hat

Pirate hats are a lot of fun to make! I made a pirate owl hat  recently and it has sparked off a bit of a trend! I was asked to make a pair of pirate hats for two pirate-mad bothers and to make another pirate owl hat for an owl-loving little boy! The brothers wanted {Read More…}

Crochet pirate owl hat

pirate owl hat

I have been having lots of fun this week designing a pirate owl hat! It is an adaptation of my ‘regular’ owl hats, but this one has a special tied bandana and an eye patch!  It’s made of cotton yarn so it will keep a little head warm while being a true statement of style! {Read More…}


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