Vintage crochet

vintage crochet patterns

Vintage crochet patterns

I am a big fan of charity shops and I adore scouring them for ‘vintage’ crochet patterns and books – I really enjoy the nostalgia of some of the items and the quirky nature of some of the makes!

vintage crochet booklet from Patons

This booklet from Patons is a favourite find from a local charity shop – it was at the bottom of a basket of old knitting and craft magazines and cost me 20p! It doesn’t have a publication date but I would guess it is from the 70s. There are lots of tea cosy ideas…does anyone use tea cosies anymore? Maybe it’s just me not bothering? I love the draft excluder dog but it’s not as nice as this one called ‘Lincoln’ by my lovely friend Claire! vintage crochet pattern

As an aside I always donate my old craft magazines to charity shops rather than recycling them – if they are intact with original pullouts/patterns etc and not written on and I don’t want to keep them I donate them as someone else will enjoy them. Let’s face it, some magazines cost almost £5 so the charity shops can easily charge something for them!

Anyway, I digress, this booklet has some lovely ideas alongside terrifying photography! Fabulous 70’s kitsch!

vintage crochet doll pattern


This doll is really quite scary! But then again it is knitted…if it was crochet it would almost certainly be less scary!

I actually made a ‘toilet roll dolly’ for some friends as a joke house warming present and it is still proudly displayed in their bathroom! If you are reading this you can take it down, I won’t be offended!

vintage crochet patterns

It’s interesting to see that crochet owls are not a new thing but I’m not sure the lion would still be a welcome gift. It might well be the cause of nightmares!

So, do you have any cracking vintage crochet patterns or charity shop bargains?

Millie x

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