About Ruby and Custard

Vintage Rose BeanieRuby and who? Custard!  Why? Well why not?  I love the colour red and I love custard. Simple.  The little characters, Ruby with her red hair and Custard with his yellow hair are on a journey, like me.

Ruby & Custard is all about modern crochet patterns with a hint of vintage and a big dollop of fun!

A large proportion of what I do is crochet-based, and although that is my one true craft love, I do dabble in a bit of knitting, sewing and embroidery as well.

This blog is a little bit about me and a lot about crochet and life in general.

I love to chat and there is almost nothing I don’t have an opinion on.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on anything and everything, but I always love to talk about crochet…!

Millie xxx


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