Baby Crochet Pirate Owl Hat

crochet pirate owl hat

Crochet pirate owl hats are a brilliant, fun twist on the classic owl hat – so much fun and a little bit different! It is a classic owl hat made with 100% high quality soft cotton yarn, lovely plaited tassels and ear flaps and a shiny button eye, but with added pirate flair in the form of a bandana and an eye patch.

crochet pirate owl hat

I’ve just finished this one for a new baby boy and as the size was 0-3 months I was able to ask baby Custard if he would model it for me – and here he is! Absolutely gorgeous – even if I am more than a little bit biased!  Looking lovely at 10 weeks 🙂

crochet pirate owl hatCrochet Pirate owl hats are £19 including free UK postage and packing and are available in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6months, 6-18months, 18-months-6 years and 6+ years.  I can of course also make them in adult sizes!

Like grownups, babies and children come in all shapes and sizes and their heads grow rapidly in the first couple of months. Sizing details are meant to be a guideline only and should be adjusted accordingly if your child is smaller or larger than average.

0-3 months – approximate circumference 41cm, 3-6 months – approximate circumference 44cm, 6-18 months – approximate circumference 47-48cm, 18 months -6 years – approximate circumference 50cm, 6+ years to grown up approximate circumference 54-56cm.

If you would like to order a crochet pirate owl hat or have an idea please do get in touch at I also have a gallery of some of my hats and commissions and lots of lovely personalized bunting on Pinterest if you are looking for some inspiration!

Millie xxx

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