Baby Minion Hat Story

Baby minion hatBaby Minion hat in action!

I love to see photos of my creations in action – it is so lovely to see something I have made being used, worn and loved!

This gorgeous little chap is modelling a baby minion hat! He is based in America and loves Minions as much as I do! Isn’t he just gorgeous?

baby minion hatI love his smile! He is just so cute!  Literally I could just cuddle him all day long! Just look at those big brown eyes and fabulous smile!

His wonderful mummy has given me permission to use these photos and in return I shall be making a ‘girl’ minion hat for his big sister, so watch this space for the results! It was her idea to create a ‘girl minion’ and I’m really excited to work on a new idea.  I think it’s a very fair exchange – I get to use some amazing photos of a scrummy little boy and in return I make his big sister a hat! Perfect 🙂

If you have photos of your little ones wearing Ruby & Custard creations I would love to see them – and I will always get permission from you before sharing any photos!

baby minion hat handmade


Handmade Minion hats are made to order, by me, and can be made in any size you like – from very little baby to grownups and big kids! They cost £24 including free UK postage and packing.  I also have a gallery of some of my hats and commissions and lots of lovely personalized bunting on Pinterest if you are looking for some inspiration!

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