Boy girl shared bedroom crochet star bunting

I’m really proud to introduce my crochet star bunting!

I have been working on a personal project at home recently.  I am turning my little girl’s bedroom into a shared bedroom for her and her new baby brother who we are rather excited about welcoming into our family in early November.

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be asked to design some crochet personalized name bunting for a boy/girl shared bedroom so I had already done quite a lot of research into shared room styling (there is a lot of shared bedroom inspiration on my Kid’s room Pinterest board) and I decided that I really wanted to design some decorations for their new shared bedroom.

Crochet star bunting

I wanted to design something that was bright, colorful and unisex – everything in the shops seems to be resolutely pink and flowery for girls and blue and truck inspired for boys! Unisex stuff either doesn’t exist or is bland and boring

My design goals were:

– I love bunting but I want something a bit different

– something suitable for a girl and a boy but girly enough and boyish enough to properly appeal to each little person

– and obviously something that was lovely to look!

And so, I came up with crochet star bunting! It mixes mini crochet bunting, with 5 pointed crochet stars, buttons and gorgeous ribbon.

crochet star mini bunting

I designed a crochet star bunting string for our new little boy which was heavy on blue…

crochet star bunting boyand a crochet star bunting string for our little girl that has plenty of pink in it.

crochet star buntingBoth share lots of other colors so that the overall effect is individual but remains coordinated.

I have designed them to attach to the end of their respective beds (well cot-bed and bed) so they have loops which attach with buttons for hanging

What do you think?

You can have a go at making your own crochet star bunting if you fancy it as I have written a tutorial for it.  I am sure that the look could be completely altered just by the choice of colors and ribbon etc and I would love to see photos of any crochet star bunting you make 🙂

star bunting

If you don’t fancy making your own star bunting but would like some then please contact me and I will happily make some to order for you!

And while I wait for our new arrival I am going to enjoy the lovely bunting in my office 🙂

star bunting hanging on the wall

Millie x


  1. Jackie Darrah says

    Hello from USA! I purchased your crochet book for the sole purpose of making the princess and crown bunting that was advertised to be in it!! Of course it did not make getting into the book! PLEASE-could you tell me how to get the pattern! I really hope that you will let me get it even if it is for an added amount. Thank u! Jackie

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