Free Crochet Princess Applique Pattern

Free crochet princess applique pattern – the final missing pattern from the Ruby & Custard crochet book! When the Ruby & Custard crochet book was published, a couple of patterns sadly had to be left out due to a page number restriction, but the photography had been done before we knew this and the items {Read More…}

Handmade Crochet Flowers bunting

Handmade crochet flowers bunting in some bright, bold colours! I haven’t done any commissions for a while as I decided to give myself a little break but I have just completed this string of bright and bold handmade crochet flowers bunting! It was a very specific colour palette request to go with a little girl’s {Read More…}

Free crochet crown applique pattern

Free crochet crown applique pattern – the second part of the mystery missing patterns! In my last post I talked about the new free crochet pattern now available here – a free crochet bunting pattern – and this is now the second instalment of the mystery missing patterns from the book – the free crochet crown {Read More…}

A Free Crochet Bunting Pattern!

A free crochet bunting pattern for you to enjoy! There is so much to celebrate! Spring is definitely here, a lovely friend got engaged this week, there are parties being planned for the Summer and of course next week sees the Queen’s 90th birthday here in the UK! All of which are very good excuses to {Read More…}

Next Little Bunnies Bunting Inspiration

Next Little Bunnies Bunting – to match the beautiful nursery range by Next for a lovely little girl called Amelia. This is another version of some gorgeous handmade crochet personalised name bunting I did a while back to match a beautiful nursery range from a chain store, in this case, Next. There are some beautiful {Read More…}

Handmade flower name bunting

Handmade flower name bunting crocheted for a little girl called Georgina! I’ve been doing quite a lot of beautiful handmade crochet bunting recently and this project was a joy to do!  I was asked to match a previous design that I did a while back for another little girl, Joni, and I happily agreed as the {Read More…}

Inspired by Frozen Name Bunting

Inspired by Frozen name bunting – it had to happen! Like it or loathe it Disney’s Frozen is not going anywhere soon and in Ruby & Custard HQ everything has to be turquoise and a number of decisions are made every day by considering what Elsa would do….A lady in my local fabric and yarn {Read More…}

Crochet Mini Name Bunting

  Crochet mini name bunting for a little girl called Rosie Ella! I love bunting and do lots of different designs for the regular name bunting but I had an enquiry a while back to see whether I could do a smaller version for a little girl with a beautiful, but long name. Crochet name bunting which {Read More…}

Happy birthday crochet bunting

  Happy birthday crochet bunting with extra pink and a flower! I made some happy birthday crochet bunting back in the Summer to keep and bring out each time we have a family birthday – a lovely new tradition for our family.  This is a new string for someone else’s family.  They have 2 little {Read More…}

Crochet bunting – 3rd time lucky!

  Crochet bunting, personalised with a name and decorated is a joy to make – each one is different and made to order. Before I start work on any order I do a basic design for the customer to look at and approve.  This means that everyone is clear what is being made and the {Read More…}


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