Love Crochet Flower Bonnet Pattern

Love Crochet Flower Bonnet pattern from the Ruby & Custard Crochet book! I have finally achieved my dream of being a cover girl!  I am on the front cover of this month’s Love Crochet magazine as they are featuring a pattern from the book!  It’s the gorgeous flower beanie that they have renamed as a {Read More…}

Spring and Easter Crochet

Spring is in the air!  The daffodils are starting to show their glorious yellow display and I have spotted lots of snowdrops – it’s coming! Spring will soon be here properly! I’ve just completed an order of two very inspired by Spring and Easter crochet hats – a crochet baby bird hat and a crochet bunny {Read More…}

Tropical baby bird hat

This little tropical baby bird hat has flown off to America! I was contacted by a lady who wanted a very particular set of colours for a baby bird hat – orange, yellow and pink, with green leaves for her daughter-in-law’s soon to arrive new baby for a newborn photo shoot. I’ve never tried this {Read More…}

Holiday crochet – a lovely and busy time!

Holiday crochet! Sorry for the silence but I have been on holiday for an amazing 5 weeks!  I decamped the small people to my parents house in Spain and enjoyed blissful weeks of days at the beach, visiting glorious parks and open spaces and splashing in the pool.  It was just wonderful….but although the dubious {Read More…}

Baby Owl Hat

  Baby owl hat – all together ‘awww!” I am thrilled to share this beautiful photo of a new Ruby & Custard fan – Lily Rose.  Isn’t she just gorgeous?  Her parents very kindly gave me permission to share these photographs of their new baby girl wearing a baby owl hat. I blogged about this {Read More…}

Mother and Baby crowns

Mother and baby crowns crocheted ready for a baby shower! Firstly apologies for the poor photo quality on these images.  This order was quite a late notice order as I had to get them to a baby shower in just a few days and in my rush to get them into the post I didn’t {Read More…}

Crochet Aviator helmet hat

  Crochet Aviator helmet hat design #2! Here is a new design for my aviator helmet hat created as a commission for a little boy. This aviator helmet hat is made of super soft 100% cotton yarn, edged in fluffy specialist yarn.  I usually only use 100% cotton or cotton blend as I think acrylic yarn {Read More…}

Purple Stripe Owl Hat

Purple stripe owl hat for a new baby. This is a little purple stripe owl hat for a baby that is yet to be born – how exciting!  The ‘flavour’ of the baby isn’t known so this little owl hat has been made ‘unisex’.   It is three different colours of purple (easy on the {Read More…}

Crochet Easter Bunny Hat

The Easter Bunny is on his way – and I bet he is wearing a crochet Easter bunny hat! I have been making lots of Easter bunny hats recently and they are so much fun!  Lovely long floppy ears, little pink or brown noses, shiny button eyes and soft whiskers. Not forgetting the fluffy trim {Read More…}

Crochet Flying Helmet Hat

Another favorite commission – the crochet flying helmet hat – perfect for a little Biggles in waiting! This little flying helmet hat is made using 100% high quality crochet yarn but also features a super soft, cuddly, fluffy trim.  For the sheepskin look, but without the bulk and weight of the real thing.  This hat {Read More…}


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