Still crocheting

This is just a quick note for anyone wanting to buy Ruby and Custard crochet loveliness. I am having some building works done at home at the moment and there is a lot of dust, dirt and upheaval going on. To protect everything from the mess I have packed it away for a bit and {Read More…}

Crochet love letter

A crochet love letter is a project I’ve had in my head for ages but just not had the time to do. New Year’s Eve with two small children meant staying at home in front of the fire (and being in bed long before the clock struck midnight!) so this seemed like a great little {Read More…}

We’re popping up! And some great craft fair tips!

If you are in Kent this weekend then come along and take a look at the fabulous pop-up Christmas Emporium in the Royal Victoria Place shopping center, Tunbridge Wells run by the amazing Apple Ducks team! The event is on for three days from Friday 22 November to Sunday 24 November and Ruby & Custard {Read More…}

Crochet cushions

I have a bit of a confession; back in July when I was on holiday crocheting in the sunshine I started two crochet cushions, one an African flower within a hexagon and one based on the beautiful pattern flowers in the snow. They are both quite well advanced in size and I still adore them {Read More…}

Crochet hat photoshoot fun

We have just finished a photo shoot for a new crochet hat (full details coming soon) and to capture some new images of the elf crochet hat and the reindeer crochet hat for Christmas and I wanted to quickly share some of the images because I am so pleased with them! We visited Photoshoot Studio {Read More…}

Gorgeous free gift wrap

I’ve always offered free gift wrap with anything bought from Ruby and Custard – tissue paper, gift bags, satin ribbon and tags finish everything off nicely. I’ve just bought some fabulous new tissue paper which is wonderfully spotty! It comes from the lovely people at Morplan and I can’t wait to wrap orders in it! {Read More…}


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