Free Pattern Crochet Valentine

My crochet valentine free pattern has arrived! I know that there are a few weeks to go but if you want to make something special and handmade then you need to get organised. Now that January has truly arrived too its nice to have something fresh to work on so here is a little free {Read More…}

Free crochet bird pattern

As promised, I have finally written the crochet bird pattern! This free pattern will (hopefully) enable you to produce your very own little crochet birds.  Each little bird has button eyes, delicate wings and can be hung by a length of pretty ribbon.  This pattern shows the birds in colored stripes but they would look {Read More…}

Free crochet patterns

Free crochet patterns by Ruby & Custard now available! I love crochet! I am a self-taught crocheter and when I had caught the bug I was inspired to try out more techniques and ideas by some of the many blogs, techniques and tutorials I found on the internet. Having a free pattern to try was {Read More…}

Boy girl shared bedroom crochet star bunting

I’m really proud to introduce my crochet star bunting! I have been working on a personal project at home recently.  I am turning my little girl’s bedroom into a shared bedroom for her and her new baby brother who we are rather excited about welcoming into our family in early November. A couple of months {Read More…}


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