Crochet Red Robot Hat

Red robot hat reporting for service! Here is a cheeky little red robot hat that I finished this week!  This is another order that was requested before Christmas that I just couldn’t do (baby Custard and all that), but fortunately for me the person was very patient and waited for me to catch up with {Read More…}

Crochet Personalised Crown

Personalised crowns have been a constant favorite Ruby & Custard creation for a while now.  They are popular all year round and make great dressing up accessories, fabulous photography props and now they are teacher’s essentials! I was asked of I would do a grown up crown personalised with ‘Mr G’ on it and after {Read More…}

Grey and black child monkey hats!

Child monkey hats come in all sorts of colors but here is a pair in grey, black and white for a pair of brothers. The brothers wanted something that was the same, but different and as one was 9 years old and the other only 3 months they didn’t want to look identical, just similar. {Read More…}

Crochet hat photoshoot fun

We have just finished a photo shoot for a new crochet hat (full details coming soon) and to capture some new images of the elf crochet hat and the reindeer crochet hat for Christmas and I wanted to quickly share some of the images because I am so pleased with them! We visited Photoshoot Studio {Read More…}


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