My Creative space – a sneak peak into Ruby & Custard

My creative space


Creative space – a sneak peak!

I’ve mentioned a couple of times over the last months that I have been tidying, clearing and organising myself.  I started this year with a resolution that I would tackle one ‘job’ in my house a week – all those cupboards, drawers and spaces that were neglected, unloved and just plain chaotic were going to be tackled one by one.  And I have stuck to it!

My resolution was because we have been undergoing quite a bit of building work, and the most exciting part was creating an attic studio.  It has been so exciting!  I have rounded up all of the wonderful creative material that I had stashed all over my house (the Victorians weren’t big on the need for space to hide yarn evidently!) and put them into one place – the studio!

creative space

Creative Space – Order from chaos

I have fulfilled my overwhelming desire for order and chaos with masses of storage – obviously now filled (have space will fill!) – it is amazing how much space thing like packing materials, paperwork and other boring stuff takes up. I need boxes, files and more boxes.  And Ikea is the place to go if you are interested!  And of course the little custards need a seat – how cute is this tiny rocking chair?

It has been so wonderful to have a desk big enough, and safe, away from little hands, that has enabled me to leave things out – the sewing machine is safe! Hurrah!

Creative space


It has been a really inspiring process, I have rediscovered so many wonderful bits and pieces – ribbons, buttons and tools that I had forgotten about.  It’s really sparked a new creativity in me 🙂

Millie x

P.s  I am running a competition to win a string of personalised crochet bunting  – closing date is 15 June.  Good luck!




  1. What a stunningly beautiful workspace. Mine is a work in progress!! Especially as the rest of the family seem to dump stuff in it! Emma x

  2. Cool work space


  1. […] were happy…and I have a string of cards bunting, complete with hand sewn felt letters, in my new studio!  My string of bunting will serve as a constant reminder that I must use a tape measure and double […]

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