Crochet animal bootie pattern

crochet animal bootie pattern lion bunny monster

Crochet animal boot pattern three ways! You may have noticed a bit of a theme over recent weeks where I have been taking one pattern and turning it into three different animals – first we had welly boot toppers that were foxes, monkeys and owls (pattern available in Inside Crochet issue 97 – out now!), then there were animal mittens that were crocodiles, sharks and frogs (pattern will be available in a Inside Crochet issue 98 out on 25 January) and now we have baby booties that are lions, bunny rabbits and monsters (pattern will be available in a future issue of Inside Crochet)!

I think these gorgeous baby booties would be a great make for any new baby! What I love about writing animal themed crochet patterns (I think a monster counts as an animal) is that they are completely unisex so they are a safe bet, kids love them and of course they are lots of fun!

The crochet lion boot pattern has a little smiling face, a frilled mane and a very cute crochet tail…

crochet lion crochet animal booty pattern

The monster has googly eyes, little teeth and a spiky tail…

crochet monster booty

And the bunny rabbits have little floppy ears, cute embroidered faces and pom-pom tails which are made on a small fork (I used a child’s fork but any small fork will work just as well – the bigger the fork, the bigger the pom-pom)!

bunny rabbit crochet animal bootie pattern

Crochet animal bootie pattern

The pattern for the crochet animal boot is really simple and suitable for beginners and will work just as a cute boot pattern so you could make them in a whole rainbow of colours!

The pattern uses my current favourite Paintbox Cotton DK yarn, it has such an amazing array of colours with everything from pale pastels to really vibrant brights, excellent stitch definition, it’s upper economical at around £2.50 per ball and it is machine washable – really important if you are designing for children!

Spring cleaning and the prospect of longer evenings has inspired me so I am taking a little break from crochet animal themed patterns to work on some home-ware patterns. Watch this space to see what’s coming next!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and I wish you a very happy 2018!




  1. I am new to crochet. In rnd 10 it says htr6tog. I can’t find how to do this – the most I have found is htr3tog. How do I do this stitch? With thanks

  2. Hi Roxanne, it is the same principle as htr3tog but you work across 6 stitches rather than 3 🙂 let me know how you get on! Millie


  1. […] to make monster, bunny rabbits and lion booties is out now in issue 99 of Inside Crochet […]

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