Crochet animal mittens

crochet animal mittens pattern

Crochet animal mittens because even cool kids need warm hands!

Hot on the heels of the 3 crochet welly boot toppers pattern I have been doing some more animal themed crochet pattern writing!  What I loved about the toppers was the way it took a single pattern and it was the pieces that you added to it that made the different animals, so I thought I would have another go!

Having got the fox mittens (pattern in the Ruby & Custard crochet book) out as inspiration for the fox welly boot topper I was inspired to create some new friends!

crochet fox mittens

A lot of my patterns for children have been very girly recently (my Summer was pretty much filled with ballerina blankets and crochet tutus) so I thought it would be a nice change to do something that was unisex so I started making crochet animal mittens!

I had some Paintbox Cotton DK Spearmint left over from the pineapple cushion and that seemed like the perfect bright green to create a crocodile with a snappy toothy grin!  The crocodiles have bulging eyes ready to spot a tasty snack!

crochet animal mittens crocodile pattern

The shark mittens use Paintbox Cotton DK Seafoam Blue and have a red mouth surrounded by sharp teeth (made out of soft yarn obviously) on the underside of the fingers and a fin on his back along with beady little eyes looking for delicious morsels to eat!

crochet animal mittens shark pattern

The frog mittens were inspired by a hat I made my daughter when she was very little – it makes me so nostalgic to think this photo was taken 6 years ago!

crochet frog hat


The frog uses Paintbox Cotton DK pistachio which is a lovely soft green. They have a little gold crown and a pink lipstick mark on the frog’s mouth.  Utterly adorable!

crochet animal mitten frog pattern

I think the crochet animal mitten pattern would be great for any little hands and the perfect way to jazz up any Winter outing. The pattern itself is quite simple and has a ribbed cuff and then a single thumbhole on each mitten and a confident beginner would be able to complete the project with ease.  Now, I think I need to write some coordinating hat patterns next…I know little Custard would love a crochet shark hat!

I have written the pattern up for all three crochet animal mittens and they will be appearing in issue 98, February 2018 of Inside Crochet magazine  (on sale at the end of January and I will update the blog when it is out!)

Stay warm

Millie x


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