Crochet Aviator helmet hat

Aviator helmet hat


Crochet Aviator helmet hat design #2! Here is a new design for my aviator helmet hat created as a commission for a little boy.

Aviator helmet hat

This aviator helmet hat is made of super soft 100% cotton yarn, edged in fluffy specialist yarn.  I usually only use 100% cotton or cotton blend as I think acrylic yarn can make hats uncomfortable and even be a bit sweaty for little heads – yuk! – but I do make special cases, and this edging is made using velvety soft ‘snowflake’ yarn which really emulates the sheepskin lining of the real thing.  A truly Biggles style hat!

It is based very closely on my original design but it is made of lovely, rich, chocolate brown yarn and has steel-effect rimmed flying goggles with a ‘leather’ coloured strap.  A feature requested was the ‘earphones’ which are soft and padded on each ear flap.

aviator helmet hat

I make a huge range of hats, some of which, like the knight’s helmet owl hats and monkey hats are available almost immediately and I also do lots of other hats which take a little bit longer which I make as commissions including the spaceman helmet hat, robot hat and even a crochet crown hat! There is a little gallery of some of my creations on Pinterest so if you have an idea please get in touch at, I do love a challenge!

Handmade crochet hats start at £19 and commissions are priced according to the complexity of the design and the amount of yarn used. Crochet Aviator helmet hats – Biggles style! – are priced at £24 including free postage and packing. So go on, add some spiffing, ‘what ho!’ style to a small person in your life!

Millie x


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