Crochet bridal headband frenzy

handmade crochet bridal headband

Crochet bridal headband  – a frenzy of them!

Well, ok, two, but in very quick succession and with super quick turnaround times!  The first one had a turnaround time of just under 3 weeks which was just about ok bearing in mind I had to source the pearls, feathers and veiling etc. I like to use UK based suppliers – other small businesses like me – rather than ordering from China, which, particularly with the pearls has in the past landed me with poor quality freshwater pearls that don’t match in colour and a long postage time.

handmade crochet bridal headband

Anyway, when I ordered supplies for the first one, I doubled the quantity I needed, which it turns out was a very good thing as I then had a request for another headband but this time with just 10 days to the wedding!  I hate to disappoint and with the help of my amazing friend, Claire, from Crotchety Things, we worked out that if we worked together we could do it! Claire is an amazingly talented crocheter and actually proofread the Ruby & Custard crochet pattern book that is being released later this year. We’ve worked together before and we managed to get them both done and dispatched in time for both weddings!

crochet bridal headband handmade

It did mean I spent some long evenings with a very bright craft light sewing hundreds of fresh water pearls onto the crochet flowers and also painstakingly sewing lengths of ivory grosgrain ribbon together with strong nylon thread and a tiny needle to create the ribbon ‘sleeve’ to cover the headbands.  I have tried many ways to create the ribbon sleeve but the only method that gives a perfect finish is hand sewing with nylon beading thread and a beading needle and very tiny stitches. Painstaking but worth it for the finished effect!

Posting a delicate crochet bridal headband

Crochet bridal headband in box

And then, a second challenge – how to post something so delicate so that it will definitely arrive safely in one piece? Well, the rather unglamorous solution is children’s shoe boxes! It’s a good job I have 2 children who wear shoes!

crochet bridal headband in box with tissue

But, they are the perfect fit and when wrapped carefully in tissue paper it’s not too bad!

Both of the crochet bridal headbands arrived safely and both brides have said they will send a photo when they get back from their respective honeymoons so, if they give me permission I will post them in due course.

Crochet bridal headbands are 100% handmade in the UK and usually take about 3 weeks to make! They cost £75 and are available in the Ruby & Custard shop.

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