Crochet Christmas Pudding Pattern


Crochet Christmas Pudding Pattern by Ruby & Custard! Oh I am a tease! This gorgeous crochet Christmas pudding pattern is available on 21 January in the new Ruby & Custard Crochet book (available to pre-order on Amazon). Shameless plug or what?

There is a whole section in the book for Christmas patterns! Christmas puddings, mini stockings, tree decorations and more!

When I wrote the book I tried to create a selection of patterns that would appeal to everyone so there are a mix of big and small projects. I think Christmas is a time when it is lovely to share handmade gifts and although some people appreciate an item with a huge effort put into it, lots of people love a token and this crochet Christmas pudding is great – it looks fab but is super simple and quick to work up. It is great for using up yarn ball ends and uses standard DK yarn and a 4mm hook. Great for a beginner!

crochet christmas pudding pattern

Even better, it is calorie and guilt free!!

They make a brilliant gift or a great Christmas showpiece display!

I got so excited when I was writing the pattern that I ended up making a tower of puddings!  They are currently on display in my kitchen and are adding some festive crochet cheer to the room 🙂

I do hope you are ready for Christmas and not up all night finishing gifts!

Millie x

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