Crochet cushions

crochet cushionsI have a bit of a confession; back in July when I was on holiday crocheting in the sunshine I started two crochet cushions, one an African flower within a hexagon and one based on the beautiful pattern flowers in the snow.

crochet cushion

They are both quite well advanced in size and I still adore them as much as when I started them – they use my favorite color palette inspired by Cath Kidston but I just haven’t had the time to even pick them up since I got home!

And so they continue to sit on the daybed in my spare room (I like to refer to it as my craft room! :), draped over the cushion inserts they will one day (hopefully) inhabit… Oh well! I have been so busy doing other lovely Ruby & Custard things and they will one day get finished so I guess I should continue to view them as wonderful inspiration!

crochet cushions

I do keep looking at them though and thinking that the design would make wonderful wrapping paper.  Literally, the photograph printed onto wrapping paper.  But, I’m not quite sure how it would work and what the considerations would need to be.

All items from Ruby & Custard have the option of free gift wrap and I currently use bags and spotty or white tissue paper with a gift tag but exclusive crochet print wrapping paper would be rather exciting!

I have looked through Pinterest for inspiration and ideas but have found nothing.  Does anyone have any experience of designing wrapping paper they could share with me? or perhaps seen any good examples?

Millie x



  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the colors you used on the Hexie blanket. The funny thing is, I made this pattern years before I ever saw the African flower pattern, yet they are very similar. I guess it just shows that creative minds often can come up with very similar ideas.

  2. Check out You can design your own fabric and wallpaper I know. Maybe wrapping paper too?

  3. Hi, if you go to I see daily or weekly new ways of wrapping, I think there are sections at top, or search bar. I have seen hand printed how to make guides, twine ways, wrap with fabric, own wrapping paper design, own fox stamp type thing, it really is great site. Enjoy as it is updated daily, tons of inspiration. Blessings and Peace (Miss Boo)


  1. […] pattern with an excellent tutorial and I’ve used to several times before, including for the crochet bolster cushion (ahem, still not quite finished…!)  I used a different joining technique to the one […]

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