Crochet daffodil heart

free crochet daffodil heart patternCrochet daffodil heart to welcome in the Spring!

There might have been snow on the ground but my mind was firmly on the joys that Spring will bring this weekend…when it finally gets here!  December here in some parts of the UK was warm enough to trick some flowers into bloom (there was cherry blossom on a tree around the corner from my house on Christmas Day!) and it is so exciting to see the first very jolly daffodils in the park.

I used the free crochet daffodil pattern which is super simple and very quick to work up to make a pretty crochet daffodil heart to hang in my house and remind me that even though it is grey outside there is lots to look forward to!

free crochet daffodil heart

Crochet daffodil heart

It is really simple to make! I made 10 crochet daffodils and 8 crochet leaves, a simple twisted clematis heart, ribbon and a hot glue gun. It is so much fun making these hearts. They are fast to make up and make a real wow impact!

With Easter being so early this year I am thinking ahead about all the lovely crochet things I want to make. It is so lovely to be looking at bright colours and making things to decorate the house now the Christmas decorations are down.

So, what daffodil inspired projects are you going to make?

Millie x



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