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crochet design mood board

Crochet design is something I am frequently asked about – where do my ideas come from? How do I get started? How long does it take? And the answer is usually the rather unscientific “it depends!”

In the last year I have created approximately 50 unique crochet designs – about 32 were created for the book, about 10 were shortlisted as book patterns but didn’t make the cut, and the rest were put away for another day as they just weren’t quite right. As you can see I have a lot of ideas!crochet design soldier

This little soldier didn’t make the cut for the book but I am very fond of him!

Crochet design ideas

Ideas come from all sorts of places – magazines, catalogues and shops keep me up to date with modern fashion trends – I am often influenced by the high street although I should add that I have also had inspiration in the supermarket so it’s not all cutting edge trends!

crochet design London bus

This design for a bus did make the cut for the book! The postcard that inspired it is tucked behind!

Some of my ideas come from pretty obscure places though – a piece of wrapping paper gave me an amazing idea for one of the crochet patterns for the book!

Crochet design organisation

I have a rather untidy pin board in my ‘studio’ (regular readers will know that this is actually my rather untidy attic craft room!) where I keep cuttings and things that inspire me. It could do with a bit of a tidy!

crochet design mood board

And, I don’t know what I did before my iPhone! I have hundreds of images saved in a folder and of course my obsession with Pinterest is well documented!

So where do you get your ideas from and how do you save them?

Millie xxx

crochet design inspiration

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