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crochet dinosaur


Crochet dinosaur! Yep! As Baby Custard heads towards being 2 years old he is definitely not a baby anymore but a little boy with a love of dinosaurs!

He has progressed from baby sleeping bag to a proper grown up big boy duvet – Marks and Spencer dinosaur print of course! It’s lovely bedding with lots of friendly looking dinosaurs!

crochet dinosaur duvet cover

The bedding and the love of dinosaurs inspired me to make him a birthday present of a little crochet dinosaur. His birthday isn’t for a few weeks but he isn’t a regular reader of this blog, what with not being able to read and all that, so I am safe to share it with you! So here is my version of a very friendly crochet T-Rex.

crochet dinosaur

He’s soft and cuddly and ready to be hugged on the big day. Very much not a scary dinosaur! 🙂

Crochet Dinosaur take 2

Of course this little chap isn’t the first Ruby & Custard crochet dinosaur. I designed a crochet stegosaurus for the Ruby & Custard crochet book!

crochet dinosaur stegosaurus

Here they are – the samples from the book which are currently safely stored in the corner of my studio on the chair. I can’t yet bear to part with either of them!

They are a simple pattern and would be great as a toy or a cushion. I love their soft steggie spikes and friendly expressions. Definitely no Jurassic World inspiration around here!

So what has been inspiring you lately?

Millie x

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