Crochet Dinotastic Dinosaur Bunting

Definitely Dinotastic dinosaur bunting!

A while ago I made some dinosaur bunting that almost went wrong – John Lewis stock more than one dinosaur fabric!  I almost made the wrong dinosaur bunting design for someone!Dinotastic dinosaur bunting moodboardBut, good news!  I have just finished some Dinotastic dinosaur bunting using the ‘other’ dinosaur John Lewis pattern – Dinotastic which is part of their gorgeous Little Home range.

Dinotastic dinosaur bunting inspirationThe range is absolutely lovely and includes a host of friendly little dinosaurs in shades of red, blue and green.  But no bunting!  So, I was asked if I could make some very special bunting that for a change wasn’t personalized with a name, but just featuring dinosaurs.

Dinotastic dinosaur bunting inspirationI jumped at the chance to be able to create some big, non-scary looking dinosaurs to put onto some lovely crochet bunting. Using the fabric as inspiration I designed some co-coordinating dinosaurs and using a similar technique to the crochet personalized name bunting I made them from high quality felt and hand sewed them on.

Dinotastic dinosaur buntingI also used a couple of stars and buttons to add an extra Ruby and Custard flourish!

Dinotastic dinosaur bunting

Lots of lovely, friendly dinosaurs on handmade crochet bunting…Dinotastic dinosaur bunting!

Dinotastic dinosaur buntingTa dah!

Dinotastic dinosaur buntingLike this Dinotastic dinosaur bunting, each crochet name bunting project is made by hand, by me to order so you can choose any color or combination of colors and design. If you’ve got something in mind or an idea get in touch at; I love a challenge!  If you fancy some inspiration, I have a gallery on Pinterest of some of the commissions I have done for crochet name bunting. Let your imagination go!

Millie x


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