Crochet Easter Bunny Hat

handmade Easter bunny hatThe Easter Bunny is on his way – and I bet he is wearing a crochet Easter bunny hat!

I have been making lots of Easter bunny hats recently and they are so much fun!  Lovely long floppy ears, little pink or brown noses, shiny button eyes and soft whiskers. Not forgetting the fluffy trim and fluffy, but flat tails to let little people rest their heads back if they are sitting in a pram or chair.

crochet easter bunny hat rabbit

Bunny rabbit hats are made to order and can be in any colour you like – white, grey or brown or something less traditional if you fancy it! They cost £22 including free UK postage and packing.  Email me at

Easter bunny hat signI came across this gorgeous little Easter bunny sign in a small shop in town.  It was part of a big selection of Easter egg hunt signs and accessories.  Isn’t it lovely? I would love to do an egg hunt at home but sadly our garden is currently hosting an impressive amount of scaffolding and we are having a large pile of bricks delivered shortly so it’s not ideal conditions for egg hunting at the moment – hopefully next year we will be able to have a bit of egg related fun at home but in the absence of my own garden, I have found this brilliant egg hunt in a wood idea from Nature Detectives.

easter bunny hat


The scaffolding is for a very good reason – the creation of my new ‘studio’ (office in the attic is more truthful but studio sounds way more exciting!).  It is the reason I have been quiet of late as I have had to pack things away for safety. But I am hoping to start moving in this week…..and implementing all of my Pinterest inspired visions of craft studio loveliness.  I can’t wait!

Millie x


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