A Crochet Flower Brooch

crochet flower broochI believe that it’s really important to say thank you and this week I made a couple of crochet flower brooches to give as gifts to some people that have been so lovely to me.

This week I really wanted to say thank you to a couple of lovely ladies who help run a local parent and toddler group which we attend every week.  They give their time every week so that 30 or so excitable small children, and their mums and dads can enjoy a lovely morning together playing, doing crafts, hearing stories and singing songs.

crochet flower brooch handmade

The first Custard, who is now 2.5 years has really struggled with the arrival of baby Custard.  She has taken it quite  hard and this has shown itself most often in public.  Two lovely ladies in particular at our weekly group have taken time to really make her feel special each week and it has meant so much to me. They have ignored some seriously bad behavior (one week I was offered prayers – you know your child is behaving badly when someone offers to pray for you) and treated her like the little lady she is desperate to be.

handmade crochet flower brooch

So, I wanted to give them a little something to show my thanks for their kind words and prayers.  I used the same flowers from my Spring flower hearts and attached them to a small piece of backing felt and a brooch pin. As you can see from the photo sewing isn’t my forte but I was pleased with the result. Simple but pretty enough hopefully to let them wear some spring sunshine while we wait for it to arrive.

crochet flower brooch handmadeIt’s just lovely to be able to say thank you – a warm smile makes the day feel so much better and I just wanted to let them know.

Millie x

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