Crochet flower decoration for Easter

crochet flower decoration for Easter

Crochet flower decoration for an Easter table and lovely handmade gifts for the guests!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter? I was lucky enough to be invited to a big gathering of friends for a wonderful Easter Sunday lunch. It was a really fun affair and everyone had taken responsibility for a course and come together to to celebrate.

As well as being responsible for making potato dauphinoise (I was really rather proud of the results as I am not known for my cooking abilities) I also took responsibility for making the place cards and bringing some Easter cheer to a rather crowded dinner table.  The number of people around the table meant I couldn’t go over the top with the size of the decorations (as you can see here – this was the amazing starter before everyone sat down!).  I got all over excited on Pinterest but, ultimately it had to fit the size of the space available.

crochet flower decoration place cards

I really wanted to create something that wouldn’t just serve the function of a place card, but be something that everyone could take away as a little reminder of a wonderful Easter gathering. So I decided to make everyone an individual, 2 layer crochet flower decoration, with a pretty button centre and brightly coloured gross-grain ribbon with a little card attached with their name written on it.

crochet flower decoration place setting

I wrote the name in silver which sadly doesn’t show up in this photo…well unless you squint…!  This one is a bit better!

crochet flower decoration easter

The meal was a huge success, filled with laughter and fun and everyone seemed really pleased with their little Easter gift, and of course I had lots of fun making all the flowers 🙂

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and (depending upon where you are in the world) are enjoying Spring finally arriving!

Millie x


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