Crochet Flying Helmet Hat

crochet flying helmet hat babyAnother favorite commission – the crochet flying helmet hat – perfect for a little Biggles in waiting!

This little flying helmet hat is made using 100% high quality crochet yarn but also features a super soft, cuddly, fluffy trim.  For the sheepskin look, but without the bulk and weight of the real thing.  This hat also has fabulous flying goggles! They are soft and sewn on for practicality – no sharp edges or anything to pull off and cause injury!

handmade crocet flying helmet hatIt’s super cute and ultra cosy – exactly what a flying helmet hat should be!

handmade crochet flying helmet hat

I make a huge range of hats, some of which, like the owl hats and monkey hats are available almost immediately and I also do lots of other hats which take a little bit longer which I make as commissions including the spaceman helmet hat, robot hat and even a crochet crown hat! There is a little gallery of some of my creations on Pinterest so if you have an idea please get in touch at, I do love a challenge!

Handmade crochet hats start at £19 and commissions are priced according to the complexity of the design and the amount of yarn used. Crochet Flying Helmet hats – Biggles style! – are priced at £24 including free postage and packing. So go on, add some spiffing, ‘what ho!’ style to a small person in your life!

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