Crochet fox mitten

crochet fox mittensCrochet fox mitten – because it isn’t just grownups that need to keep their hands warm!

After writing about the fingerless gloves pattern I have just finished (it has gone off to be checked by my amazing friend Claire who has eagle eyes and should be ready shortly), which are for grownup hands, I thought I should balance it up by thinking about keeping little hands cosy in this cold weather.

crochet fox mitten patternThis pattern for crochet fox mittens is one of my children’s favourites! It’s a super simple mitten pattern with clever additions to make them into little foxes!

There seem to be lots of foxes around at the minute – not sure why, but who cares, I love them!  The inspiration for this crochet fox mitten pattern originally came from my son’s jumper!  Sadly it no longer fits him but I have kept it as I love the shape of the little fox faces!

crochet fox mitten patternObviously this is a knitted pattern but I am tempted to try and make a crochet version…maybe in the new year when I have a bit more time…

The crochet fox mitten pattern is from the Ruby & Custard crochet book (a brilliant Christmas gift if you are stuck for ideas – had to get a quick plug for it in somewhere!)  They are quick to make with DK yarn and you don’t even have to make them into foxes – you could make them plain, stripey or even turn them into another animal! A really versatile crochet pattern!

crochet fox mitten pattern

I have been really busy recently crocheting Christmas presents, writing crochet patterns and in very exciting news I have been working on a pattern for an issue of Inside Crochet magazine!   Here is a sneak preview…

counting sheep crochet blanket

The pattern is called ‘Counting Sheep’ and it is going to be a blanket; watch this space for more information! 🙂

Have a lovely weekend,

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