Crochet giraffe bunting

I’ve recently finished some handmade crochet bunting for Maddox – giraffe bunting style!

Personalised name crochet bunting
Crochet giraffe bunting mood board
I originally designed the giraffe for a special commission last year for brother and sister, Bug and Boo, who had an African themed bedroom. As well as a giraffe bunting I also designed some zebra bunting!

Giraffe and zebra crochet name bunting

This giraffe bunting is super special and just for the very lovely Maddox. I hope it is settling in well in its new home.

Each crochet name bunting project is made by hand, by me to order so you can choose any color or combination of colors and design. If you’ve got something in mind or an idea get in touch at; I love a challenge!  If you fancy some inspiration, I have a gallery on Pinterest of some of the commissions I have done for crochet name bunting. Let your imagination go!


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