Crochet handmade wedding birds

handmade crochet wedding birds

Crochet handmade wedding birds – ivory doves in fact – ready to wing their way to Australia!

I’ve just completed an order for 10 crochet handmade wedding birds (or doves) for someone in the land down under – these little birds are going to fly all the way to the other side of the world!  So exciting!

crochet wedding birds

Here are nine of the little handmade wedding birds sitting on my desk before they were packed up ready for the long journey.  They are all made using high quality, 100% ivory, cotton yarn, with a small shell button on each wing, an embroidered eye and beak and tied with twisted, natural twine.

They can of course be hung with ribbon, but I really like the rustic vintage look created by the twine.

The pattern is a miniaturised version of my little bird pattern which is free for anyone to use for personal use. They are sweet little doves ready to decorate a wedding 🙂

wedding bird handmade

There is one missing in this photo as he was hanging on the tall stand by the geranium on my desk.  I know that I have promised photos of my new attic studio and I will take some very soon; it’s just that every time I tidy up to take some photos I have to do something quickly which makes it ‘untidy’ again.  Maybe I should just give in and show some photos of the space in use!

Wedding birds are available to buy direct from me at Ruby & Custard.  They can be made in a huge range of colours and hanging styles. If you would like to find out more please get in touch at or see my FAQs page. Prices are dependent on the number of handmade wedding birds ordered.


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