Crochet ice-cream van inspiration

Crochet ice cream van crochet teddyCrochet ice-cream van inspiration – where on earth does this stuff come from?

I am frequently asked about the inspiration for my designs – where do I get the ideas and how do I design stuff and the honest answer is that the inspiration comes from lots of places but, this week I have been doubly inspired by the shop windows near my office in London.

I am really lucky to work on the beautiful Regent Street in London’s West End and this means that I get to walk past and (if I am feeling restrained) go into some amazing shops every day on my way to and from the office. Some of the window displays are so amazing they are mini tourist attractions – Penhaligons is always beautiful if you are ever in the area with a couple of minutes to spare!

Burberry have recently changed their windows to include an amazing display of huge paper flowers in fabulous spring hues which has given me an idea to try and create a new crochet rose pattern like the big pink one in this photo (taken from Vigo Street for the London techies); isn’t it beautiful? It remind me of some of the flower heart wreaths I have created

CRochet ice cream inspiration paper flowers

However, this week, Kate Spade New York opened up a new flagship store on Regent Street…and I am in love! It is choc full of fabulous ice cream inspired, pastel and bright shades, bold designs and the type of handbags and accessories that make my mouth water!  These photos do not do it justice!

There was so much to look at! Unicorns, fab lollies, tickets!  Just look at the colours!

Crochet ice-cream van inspiration

And they even had giant crochet teddy bears enjoying a tea party!  It’s official Kate Spade New York loves crochet too!

Crochet ice-cream van inspiration

But the one thing that made my heart sign was this amazing clutch handbag designed to look like an ice cream van!  Isn’t it just fabulous?  It is beyond beautiful! But sadly at £325 it is currently a little out of my price range….

But it set off the creative synapses in my brain and with a Pinterest flurry to ogle real vintage ice cream vans I have started to write the pattern and boy am I enjoying myself!

So, Kate Spade New York welcome to Regent Street and thank you for inspiring me with your beautiful new store and your amazing products!

Watch this space for a crochet ice-cream van cushion progress report shortly!

Millie x

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