Crochet Mini Name Bunting

Handmade crochet mini name bunting


Crochet mini name bunting for a little girl called Rosie Ella!

I love bunting and do lots of different designs for the regular name bunting but I had an enquiry a while back to see whether I could do a smaller version for a little girl with a beautiful, but long name.

Crochet name bunting which comes in a rainbow of colours including everything from pink, to blue, to lilac and lots, lots more, measures about 17cm for a pennant and one ‘space’ – so of course for a long name that would mean a really long string of bunting and a big bedroom to hang it in!

Crochet mini name bunting, the type I use for Happy Birthday bunting, has pennants measuring about 10cm across including one ‘space’ so it creates a much shorter length of bunting and of course is perfect for a little girl’s bedroom.

crochet mini name bunting design

The design for Rosie Ella’s mini crochet name bunting was to match the colours from the Happy Birthday bunting and to use crochet roses to decorate the end pennants and the space in between the two names. I loved mixing the bright colours with the pastel shades – so pretty!

crochet mini name bunting handmade

Crochet Mini Name Bunting

Prices for crochet mini name bunting are of course smaller than the ‘regular’ personalised crochet bunting and start from £20 including free UK postage and packing. Each design is made from scratch to your exact specifications and it is all handmade in the UK.

I have updated the Pinterest gallery of personalised bunting with the new crochet mini name bunting if you are looking for inspiration!

Millie x

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