Crochet Owl Bunting

Crochet owl bunting

I do love owls and I was so excited to receive an order to create some crochet owl bunting for a little girl! This order was particularly special as it came from a lady that I made some bunting for last year for her little girl Esmé (isn’t that a lovely name?) that had been bought as a gift for her little girl.  The person who had bought it for her has now also had a baby and she wanted to gift some bunting back to her.  The little girl is called Lois and her nursery is owl themed – gorgeous!crochet owl bunting moodboard

I had lots of fun drawing an owl shape that would translate well onto a crochet pennant and I played around with the images on the mood board and it seemed to work best to have the owls sitting at each end on little branches and then flowers and leaves to echo the branches in the middle. Ta dah! Owl bunting!

crochet owl bunting

Each end owl bunting end pennant has two little owls sitting side by side on a branch with leaves and crochet flowers and buttons.

crochet owl bunting

Each owl is created by hand from felt and then sewn together in layers with little buttons for eyes. I’m really pleased with how it came out!

Here is Esmé’s bunting from last year. It’s not a great photo by any means but it was lovely for me to revisit some older projects 🙂

crochet bunting

If you are looking for inspiration for your own personalized crochet bunting there is a little gallery to show you some of the projects I have created in the past over on Pinterest in the Handmade Crochet Bunting board.  Or, if you have an idea please get in touch at! Prices start at £40 for 6 pennants.

Last date for Christmas orders

But…if you are thinking or buying some bunting before Christmas then I would encourage you to get in touch soon as the absolute last order for orders to be guaranteed before Christmas is Friday 25th October – I know that this is a long time before the actual Christmas season, but I’m having another baby in early November so I think I may be a little busy 🙂 Also, my order book is already quite full and if I have a lot booked in the date will be brought forward.  I haven’t even thought about what might happen if baby number 2 arrives early either…:)

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