Crochet personalised bunting for a boy

I recently went back through some photos of my personalised bunting from a couple of years ago looking for a particular image. I was distracted by the folder full of images from the first photo-shoot I ever did for my products, including these gorgeous shots of Tom with his example of my crochet personalised bunting for a boy

boy name personalised buntingThis blue crochet bunting was the first example of the final design for my crochet personalised bunting.  It was made for Tom to match the colors of his bedroom, blue, green and white and it’s decorated with stars.

We had so much fun at the photo shoot and seeing how big the little models are now, it’s amazing how much they have grown!

blue crochet personalised buntingIt’s lovely to reflect back on some of the things I have had the opportunity to make.  I am particularly proud of my Pinterest gallery of crochet name bunting.  It isn’t every piece I have ever done as some of the photos have sadly been lost, but looking at each piece makes me smile.

Millie x

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